History of Slots Machine

It was in 1895 that the first-ever slot machine as created. The machine was devised by Charles Fey. Until the year 1907, Fey kept on devising the apparatus and has successfully sold his first ever slot machine to a firm named Mill Novelty Company, which was then named Mills Liberty Bell. The slots were built with cast iron that has feet, toes and legs. In the subsequent production, they eliminated the toes, but the feet were being exhaustively detailed.

The reels during that period were not of bars, but of real playing cards. Everytime you won in playing for the spin, a bell will ring. Jack, Queen and King were on it. Now, the bell has been forgotten. Bells in modern slots machines only rings when a jackpot is hit. At present, you can well observe that almost all slots machines that are emerging today are based from the models created and were operated in 1907. There were twenty different symbols of slots machines in the past. Now, we do have more. Classic slots machines did have 3 reels while modern ones do have 3-5. New ones use computer memory for random show of symbols quantifying to more than hundreds of it with bonuses.

In 1910, Liberty Bell designed another slot machine, which was called as “Operation Bell”. The machine has a coin entry and symbols of fruits. “Fruit Mania” was then becoming a bandwagon for slots machines production. The machines made during that days weighed heavily as compared today. They are more than a hundred pounds! There are over 30,000 machines being sold by the company in early 1900′s.

After five years, another model of slots machine was again produced, but this time, it was made of wood. Convenience in production and less pricey for casinos were the main purpose generated. Uniquely produced ones are so loud and was of done with clinking coins, plus bells. So the next phase was in creating silent and appropriate machines. Mills has furthered his research and has produced many themed slot machines that came with attractive colors. It was in 1933 that the first Castle Front machine was released in the market.

In 1940′s, Bugsy Siegel marketed slots machine in Hotel Hilton of Flamingo. The machine attracted mostly female players. North America has become the first area where slots became so popular and in 1990′s, lots of casinos possessed great innovative designs. Accordingly, almost 2/3 of casino income in the US was generated from the money played on slots.

Nowadays, slots machines can be seen everywhere and they are of different styles and designs. There are also various features implemented in the modern slots machines. And with the advent of technology and internet, playing with slots machines cannot just be done in actual casinos. Internet gambling sites are flooding the web and one can now learn how-to-play-slots by a click of a button. Most of these online game sites do offer slots in their wide arrays of games. You can play at the comfort of our own home using your computer with internet connection, plus your credit card for the wager.